All prices shown are just a rough guide, every job is different so please contact me at for a free quote.


Individual image retouching with colour changing, skin touch-ups, digital cosmetic surgery (body resizing, breast enhancements, nose jobs etc. for fashion shoots) removing objects, background changes and general photo enhancements great for profile pictures, holiday, wedding photos etc. will be around £15.

Photographers wanting sets of photos to be retouched the price will be between £5-£10 depending on how mcuh work needs to be done on each and how many there are.


Photo restorations are often more time consuming than touch-ups therefore the price is likely to be around £25-£35 depending on what needs to be done to restore the photo. Very simple restorations will be around £10-£15.


I can turn you into a zombie similar to Ali Landry and Megan Fox in my editing gallery for £25.